Boston’s Weather App

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7 Day Forecast

Custom Alerts

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Hourly Forecast

Multiple Locations

New Features In The Latest Version

  • Lightning Alerts – when lightning is detected nearby.
  • Heavy Rain Alerts – when heavy rain is expected near you.
  • Tropical System Alerts – when you could be impacted by a hurricane or tropical storm.
  • Be alerted when you travel into an area that has an active weather warning.

Push Alerts

Stay up to date on the latest weather changes in the Boston area.

Social Integration

Connect with the My Fox 25 Weather Team via social networks.

Android and iOS

The Boston Weather app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Boston’s Most Reliable Weather App

Boston Areas This App Supports

  • Worcester
  • Merrimack, NH
  • Nashua, NH
  • Cambridge
  • Quincy
  • Lowell
  • Providence